Friday Links #3

Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2016 reminds us that some small spaces are so much cooler than others. Meet an architecture firm that prototypes their floor plan designs at scale. Film magazine Bright Wall/Dark Room has launched a website redesign featuring some really gorgeous illustrations. And finally, finally, some insight into why cats act so strangely sometimes. Or maybe all … Continue reading Friday Links #3

Friday Links #2

According to artist Gianluca Gimini, You Can’t Draw A Bike, And He Can Prove It. Some of these don’t look very safe. Canva’s Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing is a nice, basic typographic primer. And Canva is a great tool if you’re looking at playing around with graphics. Where to find the best free stock photos in 2016 but … Continue reading Friday Links #2

Friday Links

Whatever Is Accessible, Gets Utilized, and that can often mean consuming more than you need. One Man’s Quest to Draw 900,000 Buildings in New York City Breathtaking, both in concept and execution. Truly inspiring. Fear is boring, and other tips for living a creative life 11 ways to think about creativity courtesy of Elizabeth Gilbert. … Continue reading Friday Links