Happy Weekend

In leu of our normal Friday linky-post, here’s a picture of Kaytee looking cute with a pile of stuff we’re donating in our quest to be more minimalist. The occasion? We’re moving this weekend! Can’t wait to get settled and post a zillion pictures from the new place. Until then, have a fantastic weekend and take … Continue reading Happy Weekend

Friday Links #5

Another week down! Here’s some cool stuff we’ve been reading this week. The Princess Revolution makes me feel hopeful we’re finally reaching a point in society where we can move past weird gender norms in children. I’ve long been shamelessly obsessed with the Myers-Briggs test, and this MBTI Kitchen Style Guide is way cute. My kitchen … Continue reading Friday Links #5

Friday Links #4

Ten Principles for Good Design by modernist master Dieter Rams. His iconic designs for Braun (including the image above) inspired much of modern industrial design, specifically Apple. The Importance of making time for Soul Work. This has actually been on both our minds a lot recently. It’s so important to do work that nourishes and … Continue reading Friday Links #4